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Tarot and 4Tunes FAQs
card10a.jpg Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot and 4Tunes
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Q: What is 4Tunes?
Q: What happens when I hit the “Subscribe” button?
Q: What is a Daily Card, or Card-a-Day, Reading?
Q: When I select the "Order a Reading" - what happens?
Q: What does “Reversed” mean?
Q: How do I change my deck choices?
Q: How do I select my [5] card reading I get with my subscription?
Q: Do I have to buy the songs with my reading?
Q: Do I hear any of the songs with my reading?
Q: I love my full reading – but I hate THAT song. What should I do?
Q: Traditionally, how does Tarot work?
Q: How often should I do (or get) a reading?
Q: What if I see something bad?
Q: Does the Death card mean I'm going to die?
Q: Help! I’ve had a reading, and now my future looks bleak! Can I change it?
Q: Can I ever have you do a personal card reading?
Q: What is this all about, anyway?
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