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Welcome to 4Tunes!

How psychic is your iPod? Let 4Tunes help you hear how good your future can sound by combining songs with fortune telling. Music and Tarot, together at last.

Here’s how we do it : 4Tunes takes Tarot reading that extra step by linking songs to their Tarot card counterparts, allowing you to get a musical Tarot reading. Every Tarot card has a meaning - and most songs have a distinct meaning, as well, and now you can have a play list of songs that help you through your life.

Through 4Tunes you can get unique 3, 5 or 10 Card/Song Tarot readings, as well as the chance to get a Daily Single Card/Song Reading. Whether you use our free service, or buy a subscription, the Card-a-Day is a good way to take time out to think about your life. Make it your new "meditational minute."

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Paid options include different musical decks and different image choices to go with your readings.

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